I am running for SCUSD Board Trustee Area 4 because I am invested in the future.


This is Nailah

I'm a single mother of a one-year-old. My son will start kindergarten in the Sacramento City Unified School District in four years, and right now the district worries me. SCUSD is facing a budget crisis, mishandling equity concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic, and has a history of suspending and over-policing Black children. As the mother of a Black son, I am stepping forward to ensure that our children have access to the best opportunities. I have over 10 years of community organizing experience, work as a statewide climate policy advocate, and am passionate about my community.  I look forward to representing our children, families, and communities.


Dedicated  Compassionate 
 Progressive   Honest

 Collaborative   Driven   Inclusive



SEIU 1021

Sacramento City Teacher Association

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte

Harry S Truman Democratic Club

Community Members

Thomas Viducich, 4th Grade Teacher, SCUSD*

Rose Cabral, Sacramento Community Land Trust

Elected Officials

Michael Minnick, SCUSD Board Member*

Mai Vang, SCUSD Board Member*

Katie Valenzuela, Councilmember-Elect Sacramento City Council, District 4*

Rae Vander werf, American River Flood Control District Trustee*

*Affiliations are for informational purposes only.

I advocate for equitable, intentional, holistic opportunities for all  students. 

Ensuring students have equitable access to education during COVID and beyond.


As a community organizer, I already deal with the results of disinvestment in our communities. Schools are meant to be the great equalizer and a safe haven for our children.  While imperfect, they provide guidance, nourishment, and fellowship for students and families. COVID completely disrupted that.  Amidst the pandemic, I will fight for SCUSD to ensure our children and families have the resources and support they need to attain a quality education. 

Prioritizing restorative justice in schools

I grew up watching the school system punish my brother and view him as less than a whole person. This bias followed him throughout his education and ultimately resulted in him dropping out of school at age 16. As a mother, I don't want the same fate for my son. I want to see a restorative justice framework that respects and supports children holistically embedded in school policy.

Decreasing the African-American Opportunity Gap
I attended three of the top schools in Sacramento. This did not happen by accident. My mom recognized how the public education failed my brother and intentionally enrolled me in Camellia Elementary School, Sutter Middle School, and West Campus High. She fought for my formal education and wanted the best opportunities for me. Parents in SCUSD should not have to navigate the education system like my mom for their children to have the best opportunity in Sacramento. I will be a strong advocate for these families. 

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